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Professional Services

Delivering elegant, feature rich software solutions to our clients may seem easy, but behind the scenes is a highly-trained and dedicated team of professionals who ensure quality and consistency are maintained. In many cases we have to provide customized work for product implementations, and this is where abridean's Professional Services team comes into play.

Abrideans Professional Services team will work closely with your dedicated project manager or team lead, always under the direct supervision of an assigned abridean Project Manager to ensure consistency in documentation, reporting and accountability during the project.

Product Related Professional Services:

In some cases our Professional Services Team may be conducting customization and deployment work for one of abrideans products. In this case the team lead assigned to the project will work with your organization during the product review, scoping and project milestones phase.

Custom Projects Professional Services:

Should you require custom development in the areas identified below, your account manager will work with an abridean sales engineer or assigned professional services team member and your appointed team members to develop a solid understanding of the nature of the custom work you require so that manageable timelines, expectations and budgets are developed from the outset.

Our professional services team covers the areas of;

  • Consulting in Active Directory Applications
  • Consulting in implementing Hosted Exchange and Hosted Online Services
  • Active Directory and Exchange (2000 to 2007) provisioning
  • Provisioning web and enterprise based applications (Enterprise or as a Service Provider)
  • Business Case development for Hosted Services
  • Credential management applications for the Enterprise
  • Java Applications for Hosted Solutions