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ProvisorSP. Provisioning Made Easy

If you're developing your business model to integrate Microsoft Hosted Exchange, SharePoint Services and RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server for businesses, then ProvisorSP™ is perhaps the single most critical software tool you can deploy to ensure secure and swift provisioning of new accounts, as well as providing better administration for your customers. ProvisorSP is the most robust and capable product for provisioning with Microsoft Active Directory.

As your service provisioning business grows and expands, you want to be sure you are delivering those services to your customers quickly and securely.

ProvisorSP provides delegated management for Microsoft Exchange 2010 as well as Exchange 2003 and 2007 in both standalone and multi-tenant environments. Additoinal supported aplications include RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server and SharePoint. Talk to us today to find out how we can make a difference in your bottom-line.

Increase speed to market and easily add new services ensuring more revenue

Customers want rapid activation of services – ProvisorSP™ allows you to deliver quick access to new applications and create unique service bundles to meet the needs of today's demanding business environment.

Improve service, reduce operating costs and maximize the bottom line.

A service provider's goal is to meet the needs of their customers, quickly and cost-effectively. ProvisorSP™ extends your value proposition by delivering:
  • Control and process assurances
  • Improved security
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Auditable service level agreements for account creation and updates

Drive operational efficiencies by simplifying and streamlining application delivery

ProvisorSP™ automates manual tasks associated with provisioning applications and resources. By automating these processes, you can reduce or reallocate your IT staffing costs, and even reduce overall customer costs by empowering the customer with a self-service portal. Better customer service, better cost management, better bottom-line.
  • Enables non-IT personnel to administer accounts
  • Controls resource allocation and costs
  • Lowers the cost of supporting and training customers
  • Reduces manual intervention
  • Enables customers to safely manage their own users

Self-service user management for customers, better leverage of your technical support services.

ProvisorSP™ provides a simple, delegated system that enables service providers to provide their end customers with a self-service portal for creating, managing, and deleting users.
  • Define packages (bundles) of offerings
  • Define appropriate resource allocations
  • Define appropriate security and application policies
  • Define and control default parameters
  • Isolate customers from each other while still sharing resources in the data center

For more information, please contact us at or call 1.877.520.4277.