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Reduce Help Desk Calls. Improve Security

Upwards of 50% of help-desk calls today are the result of employees or customers forgetting their passwords. With industry analysts such as Gartner estimating an average cost of $24 per call, that adds up quickly. As the number of users increase and the number of applications and resources they access proliferate, the help desk is increasingly strained to meet the volume of support calls. ProvisorPM™ can play a critical role in reducing the volume of calls and subsequently reduce costs, improving cost efficiencies and your bottom-line.

ProvisorPM™ can be deployed quickly and easily as a single solution to help organizations looking to reduce help-desk call volume, improve security and end-user service.

Password Manager helps organizations improve security and cost-effectiveness:

Audit & Control;
Enable multi-platform self-service password reset - Allow users to reset their own passwords across multiple systems without requiring help desk intervention.

Provide audit tracking - Ensure that you can track every reset action because all transactions are logged and reportable.

Lowers Costs;
Self-service password reset is one of the easiest ways an organization can lower support costs. It reduces the volume of calls and is easy for the user to work with.

Empowers End User;
Self-service portals give users control. They can now handle mundane tasks on their own in a safe, secure environment.

Enforces Security Policies;
Providing end-users the ability to manage their own requests, under the support of a fully audited, logged, and policy-driven portal, assures that:

  • Security policies are enforced consistently for all requests
  • Eliminates errors caused by manual intervention
  • Enforces approval processes
  • Provides audit logs and reports to prove regulatory and security compliance

Key Features:

  • Web-based interface for initiating both password changes and password resets
  • Configurable challenge questions
  • Flexible approaches to user identification such as login name, email address, employee number or other directory attributes
  • Supports automatic unlocking of an account after a password reset if the account was previously locked due to too many failed login attempts
  • Automatic logging of password changes and password resets for Compliance Management
  • Data encryption
Broad target support for Active Directory, LDAP Directories, and custom systems using Provisor’s extensible connector framework

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