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In today’s world of multi-national corporations having offices all over the world, along with multiple divisions and departments, managing and deploying Exchange services can be a particular headache to an IT department.

ProvisorEnterprise™ gives you command and control of your service provisioning needs.

ProvisorEnterprise is based on our internationally recognized ProvisorSP™ platform for Hosted Exchange providers. It is a simple to deploy and easy to use solution for managing Active Directory users and their associated appications. Exchange 2010 as well as Exchange 2003 and 2007 are supported as are related applications including SharePoint and RIM/BES.

In the case of needing to manage multiple forests, this functionality can be extended to Exchange Resource Fortest environments using ProvisorERF.

For quickly and easily setting up new accounts, or letting IT managers in other departments set up and manage accounts, ProvisorEnterprise is an ideal solution that saves time and money and lets you focus your IT resources on more strategic projects.

Why Choose ProvisorEnterprise?

  • Enable regional IT support staff to quickly set-up and deploy Exchange and associated services
  • Leverage a single-source provisioning platform for audit and compliance needs
  • Maintain necessary security boundaries between departments, such as Finance and Marketing
  • Enable deployment of Exchange services to wholly or partially owned divisions and subsidiaries for control purposes without setting up resource forests
  • Enable employees to self-set passwords reducing help-desk calls

Abridean has deployed its provisioning solution to the market leaders in the Hosted Exchange sector and can bring your enterprise the same level of security, ease of use and support our customers expect.