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Provisor for SharePoint Services

Provisor for SharePoint Services enables the provisioning of SharePoint sites and accounts on Microsoft SharePoint Services servers operating in enterprise and shared hosted environments. SharePoint Services can be configured through the same Provisor interface that is used to provision Active Directory accounts and other collaboration services. The service provider help desk or a delegated administrator within the hosted company can be authorized to manage the SharePoint site and users.

abrideanProvisor is a user management and provisioning solution that automates additions, deletions and modifications of user accounts for SharePoint Services as well as other messaging, collaboration and enterprise software. Provisor can be deployed in both dedicated enterprise and shared hosted service provider environments due to its secure and intuitive delegated administrator functionality.

Provisor is a comprehensive, flexible identity management solution that standardizes account administration and enforces security policies for user access for SharePoint Services as well as other systems.

abrideanProvisor for SharePoint Services:

  • Improves response times by enabling your help desk to create top level SharePoint sites.
  • Provides efficiency as your help desk or delegated administrators can manage SharePoint users and their related messaging and collaboration applications with a single interface.
  • Improves security and compliance with federal regulations with the ability to log all administrative actions.

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